TPAC -Toyota Popular Art Center-

AICHI TRIENNALE 2019 Toyota Venues Visitor Center

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At the Aichi Triennale 2019, Toyota Popular Art Center "TPAC" is set as visitor center.

There are plans to hold exhibitions and workshops by the members of "Recasting Club" and as a place to open including cafe and disseminate information so that people can drop by anytime.

Place:〒471-0034 Aichi, Toyota, Kozakahonmachi, 4-chōme−7−18

Date and Time:

 From July 31(Wed) to Oct. 14(Mon) Closed on Mondays(ex.holiday)


 (Fr i)  〜(Sun)10:00−21:00

-What does TPAC have?

1 Guide to Toyota [Entrance Front]

An attendant will be available to provide visitors with the following information:.

-About the Triennale Toyota venue

-What is happening within the TPAC

-Cultural information in Toyota City

-Recommended spots in the town

-Other than that, you can just have a chat!


2 In-Town Guide Map [entrance hall]

There is a huge map and it shows recommended spots for visitors.

If you know nice spot in Toyota city, please write a tag paper and put it on the map!



3) Information on cultural events [Entrance hall and dining hall]

We have many flyers about Aichi Triennale 2019 and cultural events held in the city. Check it out!


4. Rest spot (Cafe Bar) [dining room]

The cafe bar by WORK BENCH COFFEE ROASTERS will open during the Aichi Triennale 2019 period!

Drip coffee, cappuccino, ice Americano, frozen yogurt, matcha latte, hojicha latte, seasonal soda, craft beer, craft jin, etc.

It's open until 9 PM on weekends, so you can stop by and have a drink!


Workbench Coffee Roasters owner Rui Hosonuma is a 23 year-old from Saitama Prefecture.

He began studying coffee by himself in high school and participated in the Latte Art World Championships at the age of 19. He has participated in many world competitions since then.

Mr. Hosonuma has the talent as a barista player, but he wants to change the cultural consciousness of the people living in the area by the approach from the coffee culture.


It is said that when he visited Portland in the United States, he mentioned the ideal way of local community creation.  He said  "We should focus on not only on the hardware side, but also on the citizenship side." 

In addition, he is very particular about the management of the restaurant, which shows his charisma and affection for coffee. As a future prospect, he expressed his ambition to create an apparel brand that would serve as an antenna for breweries and Toyota City in the future. We are  looking forward to the day when a new mode will be born in Toyota City!

- What does the Recasting Club do?

There will be hold an exhibition of the Recasting Club at TPAC.

1 Introduction to Recasting Club [entrance hall]

We introduce the concept of the club and the contents of the activities so far, and recruit members at any time!

2 stages [first floor stage]

Members hold events such as live performances irregularly during the exhibition.

3 Exhibition [cabin on the second floor]

There will be hold a limited time (Every 2 Weeks) one-person exhibition by members.

4 Project Room [large bath on the second floor]

Members hold events such as workshops irregularly.

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