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TAP-There were various events such as the TAP Triennale and the World Cup. How was  the town?

​Riso (Bakery)

Klimt exhibition was held at the time, so the town itself was lively.

I met some people from outside the Aichi prefecture.

I saw some people who brought a leaflet of triennale and there were many new customers during the period. I served collaboration bread in the season of triennale.

I serve bread with different fillings every month, and it was the blueberry season, so I used that color to make this. The city hall bought it for me unexpectedly. (Laughter)

There were many customers who used the eat-in space for a break during the triennale tour.

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MATSUZAWA Dry Cleaning Store

My family volunteered for triennale, so I heard a lot of stories.

I also saw some works and went to see the regional expansion program in January of this year, but the modern art is still difficult for me.
I finally understood as volunteer staff explained it later. But I enjoyed it and sometimes go to the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.

Marche is sometimes held at nearby Sakurajoushi Park, so I feel close to new activities in the town. In that way, I think it would be nice if there is art closer to the town.

I thought the utilization of the old school building of Higashi High School was also very good. I heard that there will be a new museum. I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen.

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