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Kevin's Bar

As for the situation in the town, there were many people, mainly young women, around the station from early in the morning, and I thought it was a great effect.


Before the triennale started, I was worried about how many people would gather in Toyota, but when it started, it was very crowded.


As we have achieved this much, I would like to continue .

At the bar, people who finished volunteering came. Also, there was an exhibition next door, so the artist came to the shop and we had a little interaction.

Kevin's Bar:

Wakamiya-cho 1-34 Toyota-city

Kamome-Do (art supply store)

I was advertising with a triennale poster at the store.
I think triennale itself is a good initiative.
However, interested people know a lot about cultural events because they are collecting information, but on the contrary, people who don't know about triennale in Toyota City don't know at all.

I think the dissemination is important.

I don't think the cultural awareness of Toyota citizens has changed so much since the old days.

I think it would be nice if Toyota City could take more initiatives such as the Triennale and communicate it well.

​Kamome-Do:Kita machi 4-25-5 Toyota City


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