Our History, My TOYOTA


TAP-There were various events such as the TAP Triennale and the World Cup. How was  the town?


Kabo.- I planed aichi triennale tour at an event in kabo. But I could only do it once. (Laughter) I wanted to do more.

Some of the guests at the guest house were for triennale. Young men and women came from Tokyo and many were from outside the Aichi prefecture.


I introduced to art lovers about triennale, and many of them went there. The customer's response was good and they seemed to enjoy it.

TAP - How do you think what will become of Toyota city in the future?


Kabo.- Personally, I wish there were more places like mini theaters, secondhand bookstores, or places where super minor culture spreads.

I like GEEK city. (Laughter)

I once had a project like putting bamboo crafts on eaves of each house in Takyo-cho town. I think it will be interesting if you mix those things with contemporary artists and make various new things happen.


If you look around the town, you can see many traditional shops and alleys in the shopping district of Takyo-cho town. I really want to take advantage of that potential.


The guest house is the very place where people come in from outside, so I want to make the relationship between people outside and Toyota possible. I hope that this will lead to the rediscovery of the charm of Toyota City and the pride of people in the city who can say, "This is Toyota!".



A guest house in Takyo-cho town.

A space where people gather, connect and smile.


Takyocho 2-4-22,Toyota City

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