​WADA Yuina / Shinkazoku

AICHI TRIENNALE 2019 Toyota Venues Artist

NOTICE: This is not official translation. Sorry for my broken English :)

"SHIN KAZOKU" is an art collective that has taken on a new form of family.

It means "evolutionary genus" "new family"and "true family" and has various meanings.

It started with the "SHIN KAZOKU " exhibition that Yuina Wada held with students of private school called Oekaki no Ouchi.The "SHIN KAZOKU " exhibition with the theme of "Family" was completely different from the ordinary exhibition as paintings hung on the wall.

This time,not only SHIN KAZOKU but also her friends' artists, engineers and BGM creators participate in this artwork, so  Yuina smiles brightly and say, "We made a team including not only my family (students of Oekaki no Ouchi), but also people who is supporting us  like my distant relatives."

"The main theme of this exhibition is "baby-sitting". The visitor will have an attraction called 'rental baby'. They are babysitting the baby who we gave a birth to.
In the course of about 30 minutes, they will baby-sit the printed pictures as "baby"The idea is to share the babysitting with everyone.It is difficult to build a nagaya house (which is a style of collective housing ) from now on, so I make an easy baby-sitting style that is  a new attraction like a shopping and lets visitors experience it. It is based on the idea of feel free to help child-raising!! “

It is definitely one of the most important art experience in Aichi Triennale 2019!


 WADA Yuina/ Shinkazoku

Born 1989 in Gifu

Based in Tokyo


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