AICHI TRIENNALE 2019 Artistic Director

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TAP- First of all.I would like to ask you  why you choose Toyota city for Aichi Triennale 2019?

TSUDA-The first Aichi Triennale in 2010 was held only in Nagoya, but from the second one, it is held in Mikawa area such as Okazaki and Toyohashi. Toyota City was chosen as the venue outside of Nagoya because of Aichi Prefecture policy that expand the triennale as widely as possible.

The reason Toyota City was chosen is

1. There is a famous modern art museum in Japan called Toyota City Art Museum.

2 Public transportation between Nagoya and Toyota is provided, it is convenient to travel.

3.The city is eager to hold the event, and I could expect cooperation and support from the city for the production of the works and the selection of the venue.

4 The Rugby World Cup and Klimt exhibition will be held at the same time as the Triennale, and synergies are expected.


TAP -What do you think will happen at Toyota venues?

T- Tadasu Takamine is making a work that resembles a stone monument by peeling off the floor of the 25m swimming pool and erecting it at the former Toyota East High School.It will undoubtedly be a spectacular piece of artwork that symbolize the Toyota Venue.

The Toyota Municipal Museum of Art also has a collection of grainy works.The largest exhibition room 1 in the building will exhibit art works that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Personally, I'm looking forward to see the in-town venues.

Venues in front of the station are quite varied. Nodoka Ogasawara is making "instagrammable" sculpture. Also there will be  large-scale wall paintings to decorate the plaza. 

I would like to keep it as a legacy after the Triennale, but I am currently working on it.If the scenery of the city changes depending on the art, and if it becomes a new tourism resource attracting people from outside, the significance of developing the Triennale in Toyota City will be great, so I would like you to pay attention to the works in front of the station.And HO Tzu Nyen's artwork in "Kirakutei" which is a typical Taisho-era townhouse is also you need to check.HO Tzu Nyen who has been highly praised for his works based on Asian history, has often been exhibited at  the museum.

But for the first time,He is making  an installation in a historic building. 

This is one of the highlights at Toyota Venues.

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