AICHI TRIENNALE 2019 Toyota Venues Artist

NOTICE: This is not official translation. Sorry for my broken English :)

How do you feel working with Aichi  Triennale 2019 Team?

-First of all, Yoko Nose who is a curator of Aichi Triennale 2019 Toyota Venue,
and I feel, Everyone in this team including the general art director Daisuke Tsuda is cheerful.

This project will be like a building, but I think the reason this plan came out and adopted has something with this cheerfulness around us. 

Our team is in the architectural ( civil engineer )field and we are very positive toward the realization. The city officials are also very supportive.It may be because the thing is simple and the final form of the art work every staff imagines has little error. (I think when I joined in Aichi Triennale 2010,there were a lot of cheerful people too....)

-Why did you decide your art work will be at the pool?

I  thought the installation work would be hot in July.
So, I thought I could work while swimming if I put my work in the pool.
You may think it is silly,but isn't it fun to  watch the art work in the water with swimsuit?
I was a member of the swimming club, and my dreams grew, but safety and other issues prevented us from filling the water. WHAT!? But I went to see the pool several times and I was already attached to it, so I decided to do something here.



Born 1968 in Kagoshima, Japan
Based in Akita, Japan
Takamine Tadasu lays bare buried issues in society through the prism of his own personal experiences and physical sensitivities, employing various media including video, installation and stage performance. 


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