AICHI TRIENNALE 2019 Toyota Venues Artist

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Anna Witt who is  a  Austrian contemporary artist  is exhibited the new artwork created for this occasion in the citizen's gallery VITS.

The creation of this work was based on a workshop with citizens working for an automobile-related company in Toyota City. Toyota City is known for its automobile industry. It is a work that incorporates the elements, opinions and expressions of those who work at Toyota, so it became a symbol of Toyota City.

It makes us think again what labor is and what it means to work in Toyota City.

She promoted the creation while deepening her interaction with the citizens, and there was a friendly atmosphere at the site.

Anna said she was impressed by the openness and creativity of the Toyota people.

Participant: Takuji Ando

Anna's art work was based on her basic stance of trust in human beings, with her glorification of labor and her accompanying physical characteristics as a social sculptor.

In the process of the creation, the liberated participant redefined himself as a natural and artist and the participant voluntarily promoted the action under Anna's guide .It was a rare moment in which the living art functioned and it was full of light .

Participant:Naoya Huruhashi

I was introduced to this project by an acquaintance in the company.
I participated in it because I thought I would be able to participate in the process of creating works with internationally active artists and have a valuable experience that would leave my figure as a work.
In creating the work, not only the artist but also the members expressed many opinions such as "This will make it interesting." and "This movement is delicate and beautiful.", and I felt that we are all creating one work together.
During the discussion, we discussed "What will happen to labor in the future?" and "What is labor?" and were able to share the opinions and ideas of each member, changing our values on labor.
I'm looking forward to seeing her art work.


Born 1981 in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany
Based in Vienna, Austria
Anna Witt is interested in people from a wide range of social strata, and brings these people into the performance and video installation work that she creates. Members of the community, whether that be a region or a business, and passersby appear in her video work. 


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