Prof. Hiroshi Kurosawa

<Museum? Hakubutsu kan?>  


Recently, there are many places that use the word "museum" in Katakana, aren't there?

But actually, "museum" in Katakana is not the same as museum in English.

At the end of the Edo period, Japanese people visit the museum to see Japanese envoys to the United States and Europe. They thought about how to express the building in Japanese.And one of the words I came up with was a "Hakubutsu kan".

Yukichi Fukuzawa also spread it.He used the word "Hakubutsu kan" in 'Western affairs'. So, Hakubutsu kan is not a translated word, but a word that Japanese people came up with thinking about when they saw something like that, "What should I explain the museum?

"Hakubutsu" originally meant "know widely" in Chinese.

That's why I think it's a good word, "Hakubutsu kan".I like it.

<The Savege Mind>

The Savage Mind (French: La Pensée sauvage) is a 1962 work of structural anthropology by Claude Lévi-Strauss.

In it, there is the word "The Savege Mind" and, "Science of the Concrete".

Savage Mind, Lévi-Strauss argues, continually gathers and applies structures wherever they can be used. If "Science of the Concrete" is represented by the engineer who asks a question and tries to design an optimal or complete solution, savage thought resembles the bricoleur, who constructs things using whatever materials are at hand.

I like "Savege Mind" .



I hope it will be a place where I can build various things with what I have seen and received at the new museum.

<Toyota's new museum>

In the new museum, the main activities might be the experience of the viewers and activities for the citizens. 

Of course the exhibition is important, but I think the new museum will focus on "What do citizens do there?".

"Furusato(Home town)" is the basic concept, but in fact, not only in Toyota, there are not many indigenous people these days, and the influx of people is larger. There are many foreigners who are related to companies, and there is no reality for them to say "Furusato" lol.

So, No matter where you're from,But you can feel like

"Oh I'm glad to came to Toyota".

"Furusato" is in the sense that it feels like that.


The basic question is "Why Toyota?" and then, when you come out the museum, you can feel like "Now I knew it ,  This is The Toyota city"

I hope you will think like that.

Hiroshi Kurosawa


Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Literature, Nanzan University

Chairman of Toyota City New Museum Basic Planning Committee

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