Our History, My TOYOTA


TAP-There were various events such as the TAP Triennale and the World Cup. How was the atmosphere in the town?

DAIGO-Before I knew Triennale, I had little interest in art, but when I was introduced to it by my friends, my way of thinking changed a lot.

I often think about what art is, like "Isn't this also art?" in my daily life.

As for my impression after seeing the works at the Toyota venue, I was genuinely happy that various artists from Japan and overseas came and expressed something like the identity of Toyota City. Some people who come from outside are better at discovering the attractiveness of such areas.

TAP - What kind of Toyota do you want from now on?

DAIGO- KOROMO Matsuri, one of the biggest events in Toyota, is the one that made the connection with the people of Toyota. Festivals are absolutely important. 

However, Toyota City is not a festival "only" and simply doing something in a closed way is not enough to grow. I think that it should be opened to more various areas.

From a personal point of view, the areas that prospered as posting stations on the Tokaido such as Okazaki and Toyohashi tend to accept culture. Compared to that, I think the soil in Toyota City is thin. But few people have a sense of crisis. I think that it is to inform it first.

If art events were included in the annual calendar, they would have already been realized.


Why don't you start with an event with a strong artistic color, and actively plan a project where art comes into everyday life? If it takes root in the city little by little like that, will the citizen's consciousness change.



The  brother of the town who loved the triennale and the wedding festival and BBQ!


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